What are the changes to Section J 2019?

What are the changes to Section J 2019?
What are the changes to Section J 2019?

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In May 2019, new measures were introduced to the Section J of the National Construction Code (NCC), requiring large improvements relating to energy efficiency in buildings compared to previous code requirements. This jump in performance requirements were significant enough for the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) to permit a 12-month grace period in order to allow industry time to adapt.

A reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions of around 40% compared to NCC Section J 2016 means building design teams now must consider energy efficiency across a wider range of energy end uses, to higher performance specifications that would have previously been acceptable.

Aspire Sustainability Consulting are assisting our clients by providing complimentary workshops discussing the changes to Section J of the NCC, and what this means relating to the design of future buildings.

Topics covered include:

  • When is your project required to comply with Section J of the 2019 NCC?
  • New performance requirements to Section J of the NCC 2019
  • How the new façade calculator impacts glazing performance requirements
  • New verification methods and strategies that can reduce project consultant costs
  • Case study examples discussing the differences in building performance requirements compared to Section J 2016
  • New thermal bridging requirements for walls & spandrels
  • What is thermal comfort?
  • Likely spatial and architectural changes to comply with the new Section J 2019
  • How to prepare for future changes to legislative requirements beyond Section J 2019

Aspire Sustainability Consulting also deliver workshops for architects, developers and builders relating to sustainability rating tools such as Green Star, WELL Building Standard and LEED.

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Download the NCC 2019 Energy Efficiency Handbook here.